Friday, October 25, 2013

Minutes for October 24

In attendance: Leyna, Arielle, Andrew, Vanessa, Rob. G, Rob. C, Alex, Jacki, Ruth, Braeden, Skye

Reminders: Bake Sale is October 30th
Skyzone is this Sunday the 27th at 2pm, details are up on Facebook
Abstracts are due Friday (TODAY) the 25th by Midnight, if you can't get it in today please let us know ASAP!
Colloquium is November 8 1LO7 2:30 pm.

Hoodie Contest!
There is a separate post up on the blog for this- please read all the instructions to vote for you favourites.  Contest will be open till Thursday morning

Totes - we've picked the Classic Tote
Please decide on a colour by the next meeting - will also be up on the Hoodie page

Inventory/ Cleaning Day Tuesday November 5 we'll start sometime after two pm, please let Arielle know if you're interested, and we'll go out for a beer and some pizza after.

Next Pub Night  will be after exams! Please think of a date and get back to us for next meeting.
It was also suggested that we do something as a group for Christmas - Andrew suggested Carolling in Latin.

Special Note: Alistair's Wedding Social is coming up on November 15th so buy tickets from him and support a fellow Classicist.

-Your Consuls 

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