Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hoodies and Totes!

Hello all,

How is everyone? I'm sure some of you have noticed that there hasn't been any Minutes up for the last two meetings... mostly because there hasn't really been a whole lot to say (when only three people can come because of assignments and tests you make do right :D)... but we do need to know your thoughts on some things -

So,  it's getting to that time of the year again and it's time to order some hoodies.

We got a quote from Maple Creek (where we order our t-shirts from) and they said that right now it looks like hoodies will be about 30 dollars. The Hoodies will be black and have the UWCSA logo on the front a silhouette of ruined temple on the back. Just as a side note the price can change of course - once we have a definitive amount of who wants one we'll let you know.
Tote bags are going to be Navy Blue and will probably be 5-8 dollars.

Now the reason for this post is we need numbers!
So please indicate if you would like a hoodie, size of hoodie and number of them. As well as number of tote bags!
There will be a similar post up on the blog, and a sheet will be placed in the common room for similar purposes.
As long as you put your name is down on one of these three things we're fine!
We want the number of hoodies we need to order in by the end of the week if we can.

And... This year we would like to try to get the money in before we order the hoodies, which is why we're asking for your numbers by the end of this week.
As in previous years we've had people order something and then not pick it up/pay for it. Extra is fine - the almost full box full of previous years shirts not so much.

-The Consuls

Friday, November 1, 2013

Meeting Minutes October 31 2013

In attendance: Arielle, Leyna, Alex, Braeden, Luther, Jacki, Rob G., Skye