Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello Updates!

Look at this a new update and on time... for once. Surprise, surprise.

Since last week, a lot has happened.
 Friday the UWCSA had their Trivia Night at Garbonzo's and it was a huge success!
While there, we announced that we will be unable to go ahead with the Toga Social, however, in it's stead we will be throwing a SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL Tournament! (To the Death) on Feb. 27 2015 from 7-10pm.
We'll have posters, signup sheets and more available by the end of the month. The entrance fee will be $7 dollars and all are welcome!We'll have some pretty fantastic prizes for the top participants.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A "Wild' Update Appears... and TRIVIA NIGHT

Hello all,

Remember that time last year where Arielle promised the blog would be updated at least monthly. Yah, that didn't happen. So... first and foremost she just wanted to apologize for that - it is a well known fact and almost an on running theme for this year that technology has not been her friend.

Now that excuses are out of the way let's talk business, shall we?
Since the last post not a whole lot has happened, well that a lie really, a lot has happened - just not a whole lot of it was over exciting.
First of all meetings have moved back to their original time, Wednesdays from 1230-120 in the Classics common 4G07. Hopefully this will be more convenient for all! 
Secondly, The UWCSA has held a few successful Bake Sales and we've raised some funds... but ...
That being said the group, sadly did not raise nearly enough start-up capital for this year's Toga Social. We are deeply sorry that we couldn't manage this year. However, the group has come up with some exciting surprise ideas that we will be unveiling within the next few weeks to make up for this, and we still intend on donating half of whatever we make from this surprise to the Children's Hospital!