Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello Updates!

Look at this a new update and on time... for once. Surprise, surprise.

Since last week, a lot has happened.
 Friday the UWCSA had their Trivia Night at Garbonzo's and it was a huge success!
While there, we announced that we will be unable to go ahead with the Toga Social, however, in it's stead we will be throwing a SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL Tournament! (To the Death) on Feb. 27 2015 from 7-10pm.
We'll have posters, signup sheets and more available by the end of the month. The entrance fee will be $7 dollars and all are welcome!We'll have some pretty fantastic prizes for the top participants.

A friendly reminder, that a portion of the money raised from both this and the Trivia Night will be going to the Children's Hospital, as per usual, so thank you, for assisting us in this manner! As a result we will be posting information on funds because of this.

Also, our next Bake Sale is going to be Valentine's Day themed and on Wed. Feb.11, 2015. Tables will be located in front of Riddell Hall and one in the Richardson Center, so come on over and get your sweetie something sweet.

And... all are welcome on Friday Jan.30th for our Movie Night in 5L24 from 530-9pm. We'll be watching the new Hercules movie and the Class of the Titans.

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