Thursday, January 15, 2015

A "Wild' Update Appears... and TRIVIA NIGHT

Hello all,

Remember that time last year where Arielle promised the blog would be updated at least monthly. Yah, that didn't happen. So... first and foremost she just wanted to apologize for that - it is a well known fact and almost an on running theme for this year that technology has not been her friend.

Now that excuses are out of the way let's talk business, shall we?
Since the last post not a whole lot has happened, well that a lie really, a lot has happened - just not a whole lot of it was over exciting.
First of all meetings have moved back to their original time, Wednesdays from 1230-120 in the Classics common 4G07. Hopefully this will be more convenient for all! 
Secondly, The UWCSA has held a few successful Bake Sales and we've raised some funds... but ...
That being said the group, sadly did not raise nearly enough start-up capital for this year's Toga Social. We are deeply sorry that we couldn't manage this year. However, the group has come up with some exciting surprise ideas that we will be unveiling within the next few weeks to make up for this, and we still intend on donating half of whatever we make from this surprise to the Children's Hospital!

Royce has sadly decided to step down for the rest of the year, but you'll still be able to see him in the hallways, so it won't be too bad.
On a more positive note, Arielle has managed to convince everyone's favourite "Mom" (Trust us! Take a class with Prof. Gibb and you will completely understand where this is coming from - it's a term of endearment, truly it is! No seriously she's awesome!) to be a part of the Consul. She will undoubtedly make the entire group more organized (and at the very least poke Arielle until she updates the Blog.)

On to other things.
TRIVIA NIGHT AT GARBONOZO'S is happening this Friday. There is still some time to get tickets. They're $10 each and there will be three winners total, as well as social prizes to be had. If you haven't got a ticket but you're interested (and why wouldn't you be?) Tickets are at the UWSA Info Booth or you talk to any member of the Classics Club... you can usually find one of us in the Classics Common Room.
 There are some special food specials available for the event, namely buy one appetizer get one free and PBR beer is on for $3.75. A fun time should be had by all and I hope you can make it!

At the end of the month, Friday, Jan.30 to be exact, is our "Welcome Back" Movie Night! It will be in 5L24 as per usual and the the group will be supplying snacks for your viewing pleasure. Today it was decided that we would be watching what could possibly be the biggest Hercules fail yet, "The Rock" version of this hero, aka the newest movie, and if we have time perhaps some Class of the Titans? The event will run from 530/6-9pm. Hope to see you all there!

Hmm, what else....
The March Colloquium is fast approaching us! So we're calling for all papers that have anything to do with Classics. We've booked a room  and set a date, finally!  Saturday March 21, from 12-2 pm in room 3D01 and we'll be providing some form of repast, and caffeine... definitely caffeine.
Please email us if you have any questions. We also ask that the abstracts of any interested presenters be given at least one week in advance, preferably two weeks (sent to our email) so that we can work out timing and how long presentations can be.  Our email is
A poster will be up soon with all the details. 
There could be more but quite frankly it is a bit of a blur at this point. (And the person writing this is apologizing for what is likely a million syntax, grammatical errs and pov switches throughout this write-up. It's currently very early in the morning.)
So for now,
We'll "see" you all next time,
-The Consuls! 

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