Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hello all,
It's been a while has it not?
The UWCSA is glad to be back with a new set of Consuls, or more aptly perhaps a Triumvirate
Meet Royce and Alex, along with Arielle, who is returning from last year!

We're pleased to meet you all!

First things first, meetings this year will be held in the Classics Common Room 4G07 Thursdays at 12pm (take the elevator across from Riddell Hall, not beside it! ), too which all are welcome to attend, as well as bi-weekly updates, that will be posted here if you are unable to make it.
Now for some other shop cleaning items, and a friendly reminder that if you're a student in need of assistance with Classics courses please let us know! The Common Room has a working library (and usually students when they are there) who are more than willing to assist you if need be, when the Common Room is open. Please drop the Consuls a line at our Email address if you need help in this matter and we'll find you someone who will be willing to assist you (and who has taken the class before). Or if you're interested in seeing things like study groups or workshops on how to find and utilize ancient sources let us know that too!

As well it's important to note that the UofW Classics Department now has an official website!
Classics Be Here! 
There is a section on this website that is a good starting point for new and returning students on where to find sources, as well as editing and citation guidelines. 

It's also important to note that the UWCSA has decided on this years events! You can find them on the Department website or HERE AT UWCSA EVENTS
Wednesday marked our first bakesale of the year to raise money for our annual social which we in turn use to raise funds for the Children's Hospital (Five Years Running Now).
Tomorrow, Friday October 3rd from 5:30-9pm, will be the group's first official event this year! A movie night in room 5L24 of University main building, where we will feature a Classics related movie, which we'll start at 6pm. Any problems finding the room? Meet us in front of Riddell Hall Cafeteria and we'll go there together. Popcorn, and soda will be provided. Hope to see you all there!

Here's hoping this year is a fun one!
The Consuls. 

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