Friday, October 25, 2013

Minutes for October 24

In attendance: Leyna, Arielle, Andrew, Vanessa, Rob. G, Rob. C, Alex, Jacki, Ruth, Braeden, Skye

What do you want on your Hoodie!?

Hoodie Ideas
Note: What ever we decide as a group to put on the Hoodie, the UWCSA logo will be on the Hoodie - all cheesy like over the heart and the desired design on the back 

Please vote with your answer(s) in the comments below with the number(s) associated with what you'd like on your hoodie. You may choose up to three options, please place your preferences in the order of favourite to least between the three.
Please also vote which colour you'd like with your tote.  The logo will be on the front of it!

You have until next Thursday Morning (October 31) to vote - we will be tallying them up for the meeting that day!

1 The University of Winnipeg on the Back (or just the UWCSA)

2 Sexually Transmitted Translated Diseases
Herpes --> Hermes
Venereal --> Venus
Syphilis --> Sisyphus 
(centred on the back of the hoodie)

3 Just the Logo - large one in back, small one in front

4 The silhouette of a temple or ruins

5 Hipster Caesar (a bust of Caesar with a pair of hipster-chic glasses on)

6 Venimus! Vidimus! Vicimus!

7 Phallic windchimes

8 Caution! Contents may be hot! (In Latin or Greek, just like on the coffee mugs)

9 My Life in
(Picture of a silhouette of the ruins of our choice)

10 Before and After pictures of Sisyphus
(scrawny --> buff)

11 Before and After pictures of Sisyphus 2
(nose --> squashed nose)
Sisyphus--> Syphilis

The Classic Tote
We went with something simple and easy
A Tote Colours

1A Navy Blue
1B Royal Blue
1C Black
1D Red
1E Forest Green 

 Happy Voting One and All
- Your Consuls

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes Oct. 3 2013

In attendance: Leyna, Rob, Jacki, Braeden, Skye, Luther, Ruth, Alex