Friday, November 1, 2013

Meeting Minutes October 31 2013

In attendance: Arielle, Leyna, Alex, Braeden, Luther, Jacki, Rob G., Skye

1. We counted the votes for the Hoodie design and for the colour of the tote bags!
-The Hoodies will have a silhouette of ancient ruins on the back and the UWCSA logo on the front
-The tote bags will be navy blue

2. Our bake sale on Oct. 30th raised $105!

3. Inventory date is Nov. 5th starting around 2:30, if your available please come help out :)

4. Remember the colloquium is on Friday Nov. 8. Pizza will be served and we will go out for drinks at Garbonzos afterwards. Even if you're not presenting it's great to watch and guys idea's for future colloquiums or at least just enjoy hearing about your fellow student's research.

5. We will be meeting with Frazer to finally the date of the social on Nov. 5 and we will let everyone know as soon as we can so we can get planning.


There have been issues with theft in the Classics common room so from now on the door will be locked when no one is using it. You must as Liyanna or one of the Classics Departement Professors to be let in. There will be a list of people aloud in the room alone which will be posted on the door and given to the professors. Anyone already listed as a Classics Club member is currently on the list. If you are unsure of whether your name is on the list but would like it to be feel free to contact us at

-your consuls

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