Friday, September 14, 2012

Two More Things

Hey Everyone,

As the title of the post says, two more things related to Classics and possible fun times!

Liyana forwarded us a copy of a PR letter from Duke University, unfortunately it is a PDF and I don't know how to insert it into the blog without it going funny. So I'll give you a link to check out Duke University and what they have to offer for programs related to Classics. If, however, you want a copy of the PR letter email us and we will send you a copy, but it looks like most of the information covered in the letter is there on the site if you go through it.

Next: there is a new weekly event starting Wednesday September 19th until December 12th at Garbonzo's. The event is called Pub Stumpers Trivia! Trevor (the manager) said this in his email: "This is a weekly trivia league which will run every Wednesday until December 12.  We are now recruiting teams of 4-6 to participate.  The winning team each week will receive a free large pizza and a pitcher of Half Pints St. James Pale Ale.  At the end of the season there will be a grand prize for the team who has earned the most points through the season." (I decided to bold the info on free stuff to hopefully entice those who like free things!)

So if anyone is interested in forming a team and wanting to participate in this little weekly event let us know as soon as you can by emailing us so we can email Trevor and form a team. We will also need to come up with the usual awesome Classics related team name.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,
Your Consuls,
Myla and Remi

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