Friday, September 28, 2012

Minutes from September 26th

Hey Everyone!


Now is your weekly update of what went on in the meeting!

Social: We are officially booked for February 2nd 2013 in the Bulman Centre. Fraser from events will be giving us quotes on expenses soon. We will be starting at 9:00pm this year since no one ever really shows up to a social until after nine anyways. The Children's Hospital will remain as the charity that we are fundraising for (sorry Devon!), as it is local and well-known.

Also, Kerri proposed the title of "The Social that Never Ends", there was also the suggestion of "The Night that Never Ends". The suggested titles are referencing to the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, which is an awesome film, but if anyone has other ideas for a title for the social that's great and we will have a vote on it before making posters.

Mini-Colloquium: We are still waiting to get the room booked, it is being taken care of and we'll keep everyone updated. We will also most likely then go to classes in early November to promote this event and hope to have a nice size audience and then our bigger one will be in March and maybe students (such as first or second year students) will be interested in presenting after seeing how a colloquium runs.

Rumors: We have requested 100 tickets for Saturday October 27th for the 10:30 show. Please see either Remi or myself for tickets, we should have them by Friday or early next week. They cost $15.00 and we receive half the profits from any ticket sales with no loss if we don't sell tickets which is great. We are also able to order more tickets if necessary.

Bake Sale: Our first bake sale of the year will be taking place on Wednesday October 3rd from 11:00 am-2:00pm on the 3rd floor of Centennial (2nd floor was already taken). If you can bring bake goods that is fantastic and greatly appreciated!

Homework for the next meeting:

Think of restaurants that we can possibly go to for Professor Appreciation Night once they have chosen a date. We still have to email the professors when they would like this, but we would still like to have some ideas on where to go.

Shirt Ideas: We have received only a couple ideas so far:
  • Hipster Caesar
  • Venimus, Vidimus, Venimus Iterum (with a Trojan Condom image)
  • or simply Venimus
  • there was also "Goats" randomly written on the white board in the Common Room.
So if you have any ideas, please share them with us by either emailing us @, or bring them to the next meeting, or write them on the white board.

Final bit of news: We have a mascot for the Social! His name is Moe since the Latin name for a groundhog is Marmota Monax, but Moe sounds cuter.  We are also taking pictures of him around campus and it was suggested by Dr. Whately that we should also take pictures of Moe around town.

Why are we taking photos of Moe??? Moe is going to be used in promotion of the social, people will be able to guess where Moe was and win silent auction tickets. The exact set up of this contest will be set up a little later as it gets closer to the date, but it should be fun and a good way to promote the social!

Also, here's a photo of Moe:

Also, Brock University is having a Colloquium of their own in February, we will post the poster that was sent to us once we convert it from pdf to jpeg. However, we can give you some info now: It is being held February 16, 2013 at Brock University (in Ontario) with abstracts due by November 21st. The title of the confrence is Revelations & Revolutions!

Your Consuls,
Myla and Remi

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