Friday, September 7, 2012

First Meeting

Hello all,

We're due for our first meeting, Wednesday September 12th and we have a lot to discuss. First of all we got the room 2M74. If you have any trouble finding it, email us beforehand at and we'll give you some directions.

Since we have so much to discuss, here's a list of things you can think about before coming to the meeting:

  • Social: whether or not we want to do it
  • Colloquium: when we want it.
  • Trick or Treat for Winnipeg Harvest: where we'd like to do it
  • Peer tutoring and outreaching in classes
  • Fundraiser night @ Rumours
  • Pub Nights: when and Pub Quiz idea (essentially a trivia night)
  • Zombie Walk: who wants to do it
  • Pizza and Bake sales
  • Christmas Baskets
  • Classics Challenge: does anyone want to run it?
In order to make the meetings more efficient, we'll be posting these agenda before every meeting.

See you there!

Your Consuls.

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