Friday, September 14, 2012

Minutes From Wednesday

Hey everyone,

First official meeting of the year went well. We would like to thank those who came out! Also, we will be posting here what we decided and discussed in the meeting and we also have the minutes in the binder in the Common Room (4G07) so that everyone will have access to the minutes and can participate even if they cannot make it to the meetings.

Social: We will be having one, hopefully February 2nd (Groundhog Day) and we will also have a groundhog plush animal dressed in a toga! We will be forming committees next week and start to go over budgeting for that as well. Also, we want to do it for charity again for the Children's hospital!

Colloquium: We want to have a min. of 5 people to run it, there was an interest of 8 people during the meeting. We were thinking of doing one in the fall, possibly November or quite possibly doing a small "lecture series" where during the free period or some time on a Friday and then hit the pub afterwards. The "lecture series" would then have just probably 2 or 3 presenters. On another note we want to have a bigger colloquium on March 2nd.

Trick or Treat for Winnipeg Harvest: It will be hosted at Leyna's house, unless things change, but we will post any changes on that.

Fundraiser at Rumours: We want to do this on Saturday October 27th and we will be contacting Rumours shortly.

Pub Nights: We want one on Friday November 16th and the next one in early December. We were also thinking about doing this at Garbonzo's. We also signed up at Garbonzo's for the Loyalty Points reward system, so for every dollar spent there a point is earned. All you will have to do is tell the server that you are part of the Classics Club and we'll earn points!

Pub Trivia/Quiz Night: We spoke with the manager at Garbonzo's and we cannot charge and have a pot of money to be won because that would be against Manitoba Lotteries laws. However, we were thinking that everyone could buy a small gift (max $10) and then the winning team wins the ultimate grand prize of all the gifts!

Zombie Walk: People showed interest and it is on Saturday October 13th this year. More info to come when it gets closer to the date.

Pizza and Bake Sales: We hope to book for the year 2nd floor Centennial at the escalators for Mondays. Every third sale would possibly be a bake sale (those take more effort and time and we don't make as much). We will be having the pizza/bake sales every two weeks. More info to come shortly.

Christmas Baskets: We want to do it and there was a general agreement, so motion was passed!

Classics Challenge: No one wants to run it and it is a lot of work, so we will not be doing a Classics Challenge this year.

Shirt ideas: This will be part of the next meeting! So please feel free to brainstorm and bring your ideas to the meeting or write it on the board in the Common Room or write it in the binder if there is no room on the board.


Your Consuls

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