Friday, September 13, 2013

New Year and Exciting Things to do!

Hello All,

So it's a brand new year in Classics... at least for us, and why not start the year off with a bang?

Which means Thursday Sept.19th at 12:45pm, is our very first, official meeting in the common room (4G07, for all the lovely new people reading our blog) - anyone else excited?
There will be snacks and beverages to munch on, so just bring yourself.

Also, we are planning a Pub Night... whoohoo :D at our friendly neighbourhood Shannon's (right beside the convention center) for Saturday September 28, at 8pm.

This year expect more bake sales, some awesome adventures and of course another Social. So, stick around and join the ride, we're all glad you could make it.

-Your Consuls

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