Friday, September 20, 2013

Meeting Minutes for September 19th 2013

In Attendance: Leyna, Arielle, Robert G., Luther, Ruth, Alex F., Daniel R., Braeden K.

1. Quick Run Down of what happened over the summer
- What's up with Myla, she'll still be around and she's still a consul just in a smaller capacity :D
2. Meeting Times - Do Thursday's at 12:45 work for everyone?
- There will be a google group/ facebook discussion about this to determine a better time, if any.
3. Pub Night
- Saturday September 28th at Shannon's Irish Pub (beside the Winnipeg Convention Center) for 8pm.
4. Visiting Classes
- All of them are done but for the Wednesday evening class with Maher and the Sports in the Ancient World class at the same time as the meeting, which is something else to consider.
5.. Hoodies! ... instead of T-shirts
- Resounding yes on that part, from the people at the meeting
- Ruth put out the idea for Bags as well and Luther agreed - and we'll get estimates on both
- There will be a contest for ideas (motto/ picture) to put on whatever we decide to get
- All monies for items will have to be given up front before placing an order this time - to ensure we don't get a mass leftover shirts after- some are good, a box full, not so much.
6. Social Media
- Does everyone have access to the Facebook page, Google Groups, the Blog, and Twitter? If you do not - let us know ASAP!
7. Bake Sales
- First one: First week of October
- What day? Leyna suggested Wednesdays - if there is any other votes let us know ASAP, so that we can book tables
-Unoffical Start date: October 2nd.
8. Tea/Coffee Corner?
-The Group will supply the some tea, coffee and hot chocolate (when it runs out)- if everyone agrees.
- Feel free to bring in your favourite kind and share
8. Other Things to think about
-The Colloquium... do we want 1 or 2 of them, if we want to do two of them then we need to start thinking about a date for them now.
--> Ruth suggested that we let some of the high schools know about them, it gets our names out to the schools, introduces the department and it usually a good time.
- Study Group for the language classes: Any takers, anyone interested? Braeden did mention he would be interested in one for Greek.
- Social: When, Where - last years social was arguably the most expensive one yet, so we should consider some other options. Any ideas? Please sound them off.
-AEHPA Scholarship due October 14th. You need to have successfully completed of at least 12 credit hours in any aspect of Hellenistic Studies - from pre-historic to modern times, enrolment in the current academic year in at least 6 credit hours in Hellenic Studies, and a minimum GPA of a B or Equivalent (3.0 in most places). You have to write a short essay, as well as show identification and transcripts... For full details and if you're interested please let either Leyna or Arielle now so that they can send you the information!!!
9. Group Ideas
- Halloween: Trick-or-Treating for Winnipeg Harvest
-->Ruth, Alex and Luther have all kindly said they would help out vehicle wise with as long as they have enough notice.
-Christmas Hamper- we are doing it this year
-Try to get the classes involved in another Winnipeg Harvest Donation/ Hamper Box
-->Ruth suggested that perhaps we should make this into a competition between the Classics Classes --> the victor gets pizza???
-Classics Christmas Cards: sell some, as a fundraiser?
- Candy Cane sales
- Other ways of advertising: More posters
-Luther wants to know if anyone would like to make a Classic's running team for events/ charities --> Ex. Run for the Cure Oct. 18
-Alex suggested that we cater to the first years more, to bring more 'into the fold' :D
-->screening popular movies based on Greek and Roman stories/myths and discussing them
-->Maybe have a some mini-lectures to help them out with how to write papers for Classics courses
-->How to evaluate Ancient Evidence.
10. Ways of Using the Group Funds
- Unofficial Scholarship: figure out the guidelines and reward someone within the department???
-Think about other ideas
11. Student Appreciation
- Dr. Ripat has informed us that it is Friday November 29th. from 2-4pm

If there is anything else that is missing let us know, or discuss it in the comment section below.
Great First Meeting Everyone,
-The consuls. 

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