Monday, February 14, 2011

Classics Challenge Week 2

Here's your week 2 Difficult Challenge:

Your task is to go forth and photograph yourself with your favourite local Classics reference - be it architectural, artistic, or just a local business with a sweet name. Surprise us.

The scoring will be assessed in the following manner:
- 5 points will be awarded for submitting a photo (must include something Classics-y to be considered valid)
- 1 point will be deducted for each duplicated reference, so be creative! (e.g. - if two of you submit photos of yourselves in front of Pawndora's Box on Main St., you will each be awarded 4 points. If three of you, 3 points, etc.)
- 1 bonus point will be awarded for each person in the photo with you, to a maximum of 3 points. Bring your friends, then get them to submit their own photos! Hooray!
- Up to 2 bonus points will be awarded for style and originality. This will be judged subjectively; we recommend you pander to our tastes (for those of you who don't know us too well, the sillier the better!)

E-mail your submissions to: Be sure to include your name and a brief description of your location. I swear they're out there - 148 separate examples are currently documented ... go find one!

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