Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bonus Challenge 1

This bonus challenge is meant to be difficult -  but it's worth 25 points!

It's a school-wide scavenger hunt of a Classical nature.  The first clue is below. Decipher the riddle, go forth into the school and find the answer. E-mail it to, and if you're right I'll send you the next clue.  There are 8 steps to this scavenger hunt - you must complete them all by the end of the contest to earn your points.

Spongebob and Poseidon fight over golden apples but this king already has more than enough fruit.

And your 8 weeks starts now ... GO!

(pssssst .... you need to tell me who 'this king' is)

p.s. If you get stuck, you can attend any of our events (bake sales, pizza sales, movie nights, pub nights etc) and ask someone for a hint.

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