Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meeting Minutes: Jan. 8 2013

Hello all,

I didn't put down who was all in attendance but here are the minutes

-MARCH 8, 8:30 PM - 1 AM 
-we need to start handing out/emailing businesses about social prizes, advertising and food.
  - a googlegroups excel sheet will be up soon to ensure we don't go to the same place twice
-Social Committees --> please think about where you'd like to help out and let us know by the next meeting!
  - Committees are: food, decorations, social prizes (either by picking up prizes/ putting your name on the letter or making baskets the day of), advertisements, etc...
-Band: we'll be talking to Alistair about his band playing

-We've decided on a gift and I am working on it right now!

3. Totes and Hoodies
- They are now ordered, YAY!
-Leyna will have actual numbers in by the Wednesday for those

- JAN.22!
-please let us know if you're able to bake something for this one :D

5. Colloquium
-MAR. 22
-we'll be asking for abstracts three weeks before hand in light of the social being so close to it
-we'll also be emailing the University of Manitoba about it as well

6. FUN things
- Luther has suggested we have another Potluck, perhaps at his place again
  - Alex has suggested we go see some of the up and incoming Classics related films
     - Heracles (2 of them are coming out)
     - 300 (Battle of Salamis film)
     - Pompeii
     - Sherman and Mr. Peabody
- We are thinking of doing the potluck during Reading Week as well as Laser Tag/Archery
   - let us know when you're free.

REMINDER: Meeting times have changed to Wednesdays 12:30-1:30

Till next time!
-The Counsuls 

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