Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 21st Minutes

Hey everyone,

So Wednesday was our last metting for the term and we covered a lot in the meeting.

Shirts: They will say: est quod illa dixit (that's what she said) and the shirt will be blue this year. There is a sign up sheet on the table in the common room, it'll probably be put up on the board on Monday though, so if you are interested please fill in the required info. Or if you can't make it to the common room to sign up for a shirt then you can email us @ telling us your name, quantity, and size. Once we have a general idea of how many people are ordering shirts, we can then order them. We contacted Star Sportswear and they seem to be a little cheaper, so we'll probably go with them and that'll also make the price of the shirts cheaper for everyone to buy!

Winnipeg Harvest: A reminder that the cut-off to bring in any non-perishable items is November 30th, after that we're going to drop off all the goods to Winnipeg Harvest.

Christmas Cheerboard: We are registered for a family of 4-5 people, we'll have conformation of who the exact family is by the end of next week. The list of goods was already distributed, but there are also other items that were suggested items if you are interested in donating to the family. Items such as: milk, potatoes, oranges, apples, eggs, frozen vegetables, cheese, cereal, coffee, nuts, and chocolate/candy.

Or you can give us money towards the cost of the turkey and gifts. My work currently has a major blowout sale, so we can get the gifts there for a bargain :)

Bursuary/Scholarship: We are looking into doing this privately this year since we have not received any info from the department that deals with making new scholarships. The bursuary/scholarship would cover the cost of tuition only for a 3 credit hour course and we also have yet to determin the exact requirements for that qualifying student. Also, we need to make a form.

Bake Sale: It's official, Monday's are not a good sale day! We made a grand total of $80.72 for our last bake sale. From now on we will be having our Bake/Pizza sales on Wednesdays from 11am-2pm. The meetings will still run from 12:30-1:20 on Wednesdays, but we'll just ensure that there are 2 people manning the table during that meeting and that they are in the know of what is going on.
Our first sale of the new term will be January 9th and it'll be a pizza sale, just so everyone knows!

Social Stuff: There will be a sign up sheet in the Common Room for jobs at the social. Same deal as last year, if you volunteer for at least one shift during the night, you won't have to pay to go to the social.
Moe will go around to a few places in the city during December and will have his photo taken. Then in January there will be 4 weeks of Moe, where one photo from campus and one photo from around the city will be posted online (and possibly in The Uniter) and then people will message us their answers and if they are correct they receive a social ticket. However, it is one social ticket a week. This seems a better way of promoting the social and hopefully to get more people to come. Why would someone want to win a social ticket and show up by themselves to a toga party, won't they want to bring their friends (who will have to pay)?
So yes, four social tickets will be given out since it's better than silent auction tickets where they might possibly win something, but a social ticket is a sure thing.

Also, we have the donation letters on the google groups (there is also a spread sheet on there that can be filled out) which you can print off and hand out while you are Christmas/Chanukah/general holiday shopping. If you are not part of the google groups and wish to hand out donation letters, email us and we can forward you a copy!

Your Consuls
Myla and Remi

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