Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14th Minutes

Hi Everyone!

Exciting news: November 16th from 4-5pm (in room 1L07) we're having a mini-colloquium! Come join us and hear some interesting presentations! There will be refreshments and snacks of some sort as well.

Winnipeg Harvest Drive: Drop off any goods in the Common Room (4G09), we'll be posting posters around campus as well to further promote the event.

Christmas Cheerboard: we forgot to bring this up in the meeting, but if you're interested in participating let us know on either the google groups or email us at or find one of us and let us know! Here is a link to the Christmas Cheerboard site and there is a 'shopping list' if you are interested in looking at it:

Bake Sale: Our last one of the semester is on Monday, November 19th (we couldn't switch to the 21st everything was booked). So bring your bake goods or buy lots of bake goods!

Your Consuls
Myla and Remi   

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