Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save Classics at Leeds

An excerpt from the University of Leeds' Classics Blog.

Sign their petition to help save the Classics department.


In the context of current government cuts in funding to UK universities, the University of Leeds is going through an ‘economies exercise’.

We already know that the number of staff in Classics will be reduced from next year, and as a result we have been forced to discontinue our degrees in Greek and Latin. The final intake onto these degree programmes will be in September 2010.

But the University is also considering a proposal to remove Classics altogether. This would mean the end of over one hundred years of Classical research and teaching at Leeds.

We recognise that some restructuring is necessary and even desirable, but we do not accept that it is desirable or necessary to destroy popular and healthy degrees in Classical Civilisation (BA) and Classical Studies (MA) – particularly now that they will provide the only platform for teaching the ancient languages at Leeds.

What can you do?

We invite you to support our efforts to remind the University of the value of Classics as a subject, the contribution that Classics at Leeds has made both nationally and internationally, and the need to protect the expertise and provision of the only remaining Classics department in Yorkshire.

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