Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Colloquium Schedule

Schedule and details for the colloquium.

Room - 3D01 - University of Winnipeg (3rd floor, Duckworth, room 1 - this room is just on the Duckworth side of the overpass that crosses Spence St. between the Duckworth building and the main building).

Time - 2:30 until approximately 7pm (this Saturday, March 6th)

Snacks and refreshments will be served, but we intend to eat supper afterward at Tavern United on Hargrave St. (where they have graciously offered to give us 10% off of food and drinks), followed by a night of general merry-making.

Spectators are welcome.


Dr. Jane Cahill (UW)

Jennesa Dyck (UW) - Humanizing Antiquity: The Skeletons of Herculaneum

Scott Berthelette (UM) - Imperial Ambition or Filial Devotion: An Investigation into the Relationship between Tiberius and Sejanus.

Alex Kroeger (UW) - Greek Mythology in Contemporary Children's Literature

Joseph Gerbasi (UW) - Epicurus and the Problem of Physiologia

Curtis Burbella (UW) - Alexander the Great: Son of Phillip; Son of Zeus

Melina Sturym (UW) - Water in Ancient Religious and Magic Rituals

Lisa Latour (UM) - Slingers in Homer

Brittany Restall (UW) - Hegesias on the Birth of Alexander the Great

Brittany Romano (UW) - The Use of Wool in Sacrificial Rituals

Devon Berofe (UW) - Hero of Alexandria

Sasha Suarez Amaya (UW) - Fathers in Plautine Comedy

Kaitlyn Boulding (UW) - The Medea Messenger Speech: From Graphic Horror to Comic Humour.

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