Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of the term update

Hello all,

So many things happened this year,
We held our very first trivia night, several successful movie nights, some pub nights.
Several of the students put together  a Prof Appreciation potluck lunch and we said our official farewell to one of our beloved Professors, Dr. Mark Golden.
New people joined the UWCSA, and we made new friends.
The CACW came to Winnipeg and the University hosted their conference, allowing for many of our students a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear new and present research from some of the world's leading researchers. 
Finally we discovered that our local Winnipeg Art Gallery was hosting the brand new Olympus exhibit - providing priceless new ideas for classes that will occur next year in accordance with the exhibit.

It was a brilliant year, and our consuls would thus like to say a final farewell, as this years leaders.

Many thanks come from Arielle and Ruth, who finished off the Winter term of 2015 as the UWCSA consuls.

And we will see you all next year, with your new incoming consuls and the new UWCSA secretary.
Meet Courtney, the UWCSA secretary, and the consuls - Simone, Corbin and Cody.

Many thanks,
-Ruth and Arielle, Your Consuls. 

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