Friday, January 18, 2013

Minutes from January 16th

Hey everyone,

So there is not a lot to say about this week's meeting as it was very casual this week. We mostly asked for everyone to keep selling social tickets and hand out donation letters. So far we are doing pretty well with donations, we just have to start picking them up next week.

We have decided that we will worry about the scholarship/bursary in February after the social, less stressful for everyone.

We, the consuls, will also choose a Pub Night for February and let you all know when and where.

Also, there will be a bake sale on Wednesday, January 23rd on the 3rd floor of Centennial. Please in bake goods or buy bake goods!

Finally, congratulations to Alexandra Kroeger for winning this week's contest!  The correct answers were The King's Bath (Bath, England) and the Reference section in the UofW library.

Your consuls,
Myla and Remi

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