Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bake Sale and Other News!

Hey Everyone!

Quick news before everyone can enjoy their probably well deserved long weekend!

The Bake Sale was a huge a success and we made a profit of $245! Thank you to everyone who brought in bake goods and also a huge thanks to those who bought and donated. We had some really, really generous people which is great. All the money we raise with these pizza and bake sales help us fund our social which then means we can raise money for the Children's Hospital.

Other news:

Radiothon: The CKUW radio marathon is coming up, the form is due on October 10th. So, please, if you are interested please email us @ so we can start planning what we want to do exactly for our time slot and hand in that form.

Mini-Colloquium: The room is booked for November 16th and will be in room 1L07 from 4:00-5:00pm and we will be heading to Garbonzo's (most likely) afterwards for a pub night. We will be posting posters and advertising shortly. We will also be going to classes again to encourage people to come and watch the presentations.

Rumour's: We have tickets for Saturday October 27th for the 10:30 show. The comedian is Rory Scovel and it should be fun! Please see Remi or myself to purchase tickets which are $15.

As a final note, the UWCSA's first Pub Trivia was a success! Congrats to the winning team: Purple Cobras (Rob and Liam). Thanks to those who came out and we hope you all had fun

Cheers and have a great long weekend,

Your Consuls

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