Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zombie Walk 2011

Hey everybody! Guess what! The Classics Students' Association is going to rock the Zombie Walk this year - in Classical costumes! - on Friday Oct. 14th! The walk starts at 8:30 at Stephen Juba Park (on Waterfront Drive, just North of the ballpark), but we're going to rendez-vous first in the Common Room (4G07) at 6:00 for the putting-on of make-up and costumes, then again at 7:00 at the King's Head, and at the park for 8:00! Feel free to join us at any point in the proceedings. Speaking of proceeding, here's a link to the Zombie Walk Facebook page, to which you can proceed in order to find a map of the route which will be followed by the procession (among other info): check it out

Note, we'll be hitting Shannon's for our own after party, because we're more fun than a pack of stinkin' normal zombies anyway! Woo!
p.s. - In case you were wondering, the Latin for "Braaains!" is "Cereeeebra!"

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