Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conference Schedule

2011 Undergraduate Classical Studies Conference
Saturday, March 5

Everyone is welcome to attend. 
Come for the whole afternoon, or just part of it.
Snacks and refreshments will be provided!

1pm - Welcome and Keynote Address

1:15pm Greece & Rome
Jennesa Dyck (UofW) - Classical Winnipeg 
Melina Sturym (UofW) - Talismans, Amulets and Dolls in Graeco-Roman Magical Practice

1:45pm The Bronze Age
Alex Kroeger (UofW) – Mycenaean Archaeology at Iklaina
Brittany Romano (UofW) - The Mask of Agamemnon and the Question of Authenticity

2:15 Break

2:30pm Archaic & Classical Greece
Alistair Mowat (UofW) - The Catapult Towers of Cape Sounion
Lisa Latour (UofM) - Art, Architecture and Propaganda: The Alkmaionid Temple at Delphi and the Athenian Response
Devon Berofe (UofW)- Pheidias' Workshop

3:15 Break

3:30 The Spartans
Kaitlynn Alarie (UofW) - Eugenics in Sparta
Myla Held (UofW) - Three Reforms in Hellenistic Sparta

3:45pm The Roman Period
Van Chanas (UofW) - Vespasian and Titus: The Jewish War
Brittany Restall (UofW) - The Grave Markers of Roman Freedmen in the Late Republic and Early Principate
Andrew Dryden (UofW) - Roman Emperors and the Navy in the Early Empire

4:30 Break

4:45pm Roman Literature and Oratory 
Joseph Gerbasi (UofW) - Some Qualities of Horace's Odes
Kaitlyn Boulding (UofW) - Contra Cicero

5:15pm Roman Egypt
Remi Fontaine (UofW) - Two School Exercises from Roman Egypt
Luther Sousa (UofW) – Ptolemaic Propaganda: How the Ptolemaic Dynasty used Egyptian Religion as Propaganda

6:00pm Dinner and Celebrating
@ Shannon’s Irish Pub
175 Carlton Street

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