Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Christian Day!

Congratulations Christian, you are now older than you were 79 minutes ago.

Good job having a Birthday!

I tried to find a Classical-looking cake for you, but failed miserably at finding an appropriate one. So instead, here are a whole bunch of inappropriate ones.


I think those cupcakes even say something close to 
the equivalent of the English "Happy Birthday".


  1. wow. all of these taken together form the greatest birthday cake I could possibly have imagined. I especially enjoy how the third last one is for "Christina" close! Also, does anyone know if that weird stuff on the rooster cake about standing on the earth is a quote or simply some strange person's Greek birthday message?

  2. It was a quote from something ... I don't remember what. I think it was on someone's blog - the joke was that they were translating whatever text it was and it kept using the word for rooster/cock and the class thought it was hilarious - so there's a cock on your cake.