Sunday, October 17, 2010

AIA Lectures

 Sunday 24 October 2010 @ 3PM  237 University College

 "Resurrecting Dead Romans: Reconstructing the Lives
of Slaves and Freedmen from Their Tombs and Epitaphs"
Dr. Linda Maria Gigante
Department of Fine Arts, University of Louisville
 This lecture will focus on the funerary art of Rome's slaves and freed persons, in particular tombs and epitaphs dated to the first and second centuries CE.
Scholars in the field of Roman studies have witnessed significant developments in the interdisciplinary examination of slaves and former slaves.  References to the non elite in ancient sources provide us with an insightful perspective on the ways in which privileged Romans regarded the lower echelon of society.  Additionally, there are large numbers of epitaphs from the city of Rome commemorating slaves and freed persons, as well as tombs in which they were interred by family members, patrons, and colleagues. 

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