Friday, September 17, 2010

A pet peeve

So I was out looking at Halloween costumes today, and I noticed a very disturbing trend.

There were a number of different, generic 'Roman Goddess' or 'Greek Goddess' costumes, which (apart from their complete lack of research about accurate portrayal of ancient attire) are perfectly adequate for the layperson.


There were at least two different Athena costumes that included only a white toga-style robe (ugh, we won't even discuss this) and a gold crown. Seriously, a gold crown! Why!? I don't understand. It looked like that paper crown that you used to be able to get from Burger King.

Why on Earth would Athena have a gold crown? And NO other identifying markers. They could have at least given her an owl. Would that have been so hard?

Come on, costume companies. Hire a Classics student to do some research for you. Really.

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